About Forever His Couture

"Because a girl should be two things Classy & Fabulous".

Hello & Welcome to Forever His Couture also known as FHC.

I'm from Southern California, & my husband is originally from Iowa. We met in 2010 while he was stationed in 29 palms & we've been together ever since. He's now a U.S Marine Veteran, & we have 3 beautiful children together. When I first began to sew & embroider I had no idea what I was doing, No one to teach me & say what I was doing wrong, but after much trial & error I finally got a handle on things and decide to share my new found talent with fellow military spouses and families. I specialize in custom & unique Military & Non-Military apparel.

My business truly means everything to me. I use to make it a HUGE priority in my life, but when my Dad passed away unexpectedly in the summer of 2013, I fell apart and stepped away from my business for almost a year. I came back & re-prioritized my life, now my Faith, my Family & my Health come first & then my Business. I hand make each item by myself (all with 3 little ones at my side) & do my absolute best to reassure items are shipped out in a timely manner (without sacrificing my quality). I truly appreciate each & every order that comes in because of your order big or small, helps support my little family. 

Thank you for choosing my FHC to help support your heroes & loved ones. 

Wishing you a great & blessed day. ♥ -Forever His Couture